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Roadside America's guide to offbeat Ohio attractions
Franklin County, its history and genealogy.
Tall George
See OSU...underground....and other interesting stuff.
Red Barn Restaurants
Dining Out In The 50's
Road Food
Diner and Restaurant Postcards
Coffee Shops and Eats
Coffee Shops
Coffee Shop Classics
Sit Down Restaurants (Los Angeles, CA)
Mexican Food Cafes (Los Angeles, CA)
Fast Food Chains
Burger Boy Newsletter
White Tower & White Castle
White Castle Homepage
In-N-Out Burger Homepage
In-N-Out Unofficial Page
Taylor’s Maid-Rite Sandwich (West Des Moines, IA)
Superdawg (Chicago, IL)  3
Burger Chef Memories
Burger Chef - by JSF    
The Burger Chef Reliquary
Howard Johnsons   3  4  5  6
Stewart's Root Beer Expansion to FL
Stewart's Beverages
Stewart's (Tuckerton, NJ)
List of Remaining A&Ws r 1
Porky's Drive-in
Snelgrove Ice Cream Store (Salt Lake City, UT)
Ardy & Ed’s Drive-in (Oshkosh, WI)
McDonald’s Homepage s 1 2 The McDonald’s Museum
McDonald’s Timeline
McDonald’s Collectors Club
Shakeys Pizza

Defunct Amusement Parks of Columbus
On The Road
Route 66 -the "main street of America"
Historic Route 66
Postcards From The Road -Route 66 views
Roadside Peek -architecture & signs from a bygone era
Drive In Theaters -celebrating the drive-in experience
National Historic Route 66 Federation
Photos From Route 66
Forgotten NY
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